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TOYS"R"US - Kennewick [8019]
821 Columbia Center Kennewick, WA (509) 783-7006
4.4 mi
TOYS"R"US - Union Gap [8026]
1401 East Washington Av Union Gap, WA (509) 248-4202
68.8 mi
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Toys“R”Us Kennewick Toy Store

With more than 65 years in the business and over 800 locations in the U.S., Toys“R”Us is THE toy authority!

From bikes to trains to video games, as the song goes…It’s the greatest toy store there is! We offer an unmatched selection of classic, in-demand and exclusive merchandise, and focus on providing a memorable shopping experience through unique feature shops. We also offer a number of programs for our customers, such as Geoffrey’s Birthday Club and our complementary loyalty program, Rewards“R”Us. In addition, parents can take advantage of our "Wish List", the ultimate toy registry for birthdays and holidays.

Whether you’re looking for the season’s must-have fashion doll, latest video game, a timeless construction toy or the latest app-based accessory, your local Toys“R”Us in Kennewick, Washington will have something sure to excite and delight children of all ages!